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  2. In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. 

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  5. Happy 21st birthday @AlisonxCloud ! (at Miller’s Langhorne Ale House Restaurants)


  6. If Nicki Minaj was a Transformer.


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    idk why introverts have a reputation of being quiet and shy people who’d rather be alone. have you ever been friends with an introvert who’s decided you’re worth their time? we turn into the clingiest, most needy pieces of shit on the planet because there’s so few people we actually can stand

    That’s exactly what all the people should know. 

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  10. His arms are home. And I’m so homesick.

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    shout out to IMDb for always reminding me where i recognise that actor from

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  12. I have simple needs,
    just you and my morning tea,
    the moment I rise.