1. Dinner after church with sis. Turkey club panini and Caesar salad. @lauren_vogler (at Corner Bakery Cafe)


  2. #tbt to me as a sassy high school senior on a choir concert night #Femineus


  3. The path of Flight 93 to its final resting place. A solemn, but beautiful memorial I was lucky enough to see on my vacation this year. #NeverForget


  4. #latergram with my #mcm @krispy_crame from Saturday night. #rhonnadesigns


  5. #EaglesWinYouWin free coffee from #Dunkin is the best way to start the work week!


  6. Maybe if I post an #Eagles selfie, they’ll turn the game around.


  7. Sitting in a coffee shop listening to the sounds of a coffee shop in my headphones . #irony #coffitivity (at Starbucks)


  8. Phillies at Mets with @prongermort #nachosisnachos (at Citi Field)


  9. Fave. (at Liberty Bell Diner Restaurant)


  10. Strawberry creme tea. Happy Saturday!


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  12. Matthew Lewis photographed by Leigh Keily for JON Magazine. x

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